1-1 Rahanni / Angelic Reiki Sessions

The 1-1 sessions begin with mindful meditation techniques to help manage thoughts and other relaxation tools to establish a deep level of relaxation to allow space for the Angelic Reiki / Rahanni to take place.

Other tools included are the sound of instruments (including a shamanic drum and ocean drum) oracle cards.

  • Price £40 (90 minutes)

Call Adele on 07500 904352 to book an appointment.


I had a 1:1 session with Adele and came away feeling refreshed, motivated and refreshed and more focused on my business goals, which was the aim of the session. Adele is very easy to talk too, offers great advice and tunes into your needs and desires using her special skills and knowledge, a variety of cards for a personalised reading which inspired me to keep going. The space she used at her home is perfect to chill in and feel safe to open up in. I would recommend Adele to anyone feeling the need for focus, drive and more clarity in their lives.

Faye Bosley, Relax Kids Coach

Adele had an extremely calming and gentle manner and her treatment room was very tranquil. She was very attentive to listening to my situation and needs and thorough in her understanding of treating me. I found it very beneficial


I have had a few angelic reiki sessions with Adele and each time she helps me to feel so much more relaxed with her beautiful and calming energy. Adele is extremely intuitive and each time she taps into my busy mind and my feelings very quickly. She is able to hone in on specific thoughts I have had and is able to provide me with pieces of advice, guidance and actions that I am able to takeaway and use in all aspects of life. I have done my Reiki sessions with Adele in both person and virtually and both are equally effective! There is something magical about Adele’s sessions and I highly recommend them.


Adele is such a caring soul and you feel that utterly in her healing. She has the most calming spirit and this radiates into your being, grounding and replenishing you. So happy I found that wonderful healer!