3. Chakra Dancing

Chakra Dancing & Creative Meditation

So what is Chakra Dancing you may ask…

Chakra Dancing & Creative Meditation is a fun workout for the mind, body and soul through freestyle dance and meditation techniques. No dance routine to follow. The music is powerful, and reflects each of the 7 main chakras, from tribal drums, to funky jazz, dance, contemporary, classical, tibetan bowls and a range of other instruments. 

Grounding the energy and releasing stress and emotion, Chakra Dancing balances the seven energy centres situated along the spine. Stimulating the natural flow of energy, or chi, through the chakras, the dance leads to physical and mental well-being, a workout for everybody from the inside out.

Come alone or bring a friend to share the fun and laughter.


Chakra Dancing was a new experience for me and I enjoyed it immensely. I loved the  freedom of movement and completely letting  go and flowing with the music.  Having a  meditation after completed the sense of well being and I felt totally chilled.


My experience of chakra dancing with Adele was really something special. Adele has such a calm and sweet nature it made me feel free to let go and just “be”. The body scanning made me feel really connected to myself and powerful. I’d recommend to everyone to give it a try and can’t wait to have some free time to go back and do it all over again! 


I found the chakra dancing very grounding and meditation very relaxing. Excellent teacher!


I attended one of Adele’s chakra dance sessions at the Old Yurt in Bisley and lucky me had a one-to-one with her. I’d had a night of zero sleep and was feeling drained and tired so it was an effort to get to the class, but I really wanted to do it. After some intention setting, we began to dance and as we moved through each chakra I could feel my energy raising.

When we reached the Solar Plexus that is when I was recharged, it was amazing, I couldn’t believe it having felt so jaded. What I loved the most was how the dancing woke my body up, got me energised and buzzing, leaving on a high with plenty energy to get through the rest of the day on zero sleep!

The class was brilliant. Adele was an encouraging teacher with clear explanation of how to let go and go with flow. I felt I learnt a lot about my body during the session and look forward to dancing regularly with Adele. Highly recommended!!!


Below are brief clips of how to dance with each Chakra

When we dance with the Root Chakra there is a focus on grounding our energy back to the body. The music associated with this chakra tends to have a tribal sound, with drums and a earthy feel to it.

The music associated with the Sacral Chakra is designed to make you want to shake your hips and move your body. This chakra is associated with the creativity within and is a great opportunity to express ourselves through movement of the body.


The Solar Plexis Chakra is associated with our power and confidence. This is why we start off with releasing any past events or emotions that may have taken our power and blocking us from moving forward. The act of releasing a cheer while dancing with the Solar Plexis Chakra can be extremely elevating. Many tend to feel energised after dancing with this Chakra.

Releasing a cheer at the Solar Plexis Chakra

Feeling energised at the Solar Plexis Chakra

One of the beautiful things to do while dancing at the Heart Chakra is to send well wishes to each other, our loved ones and all beings who would benefit from receiving healing energy on the planet, including the animal and plant kingdom, the oceans and skies.

Another way to dance with the Heart Chakra is to breath in all the things that we love and that make us feel happy.

The energy at the Throat Chakra can become blocked when ever we are unable to speak our truth, or what we truly want to say. A good way to clear the energy within the Throat Chakra is to sing or chant. The music associated with the Throat Chakra have chants that attendees can sing along to if they wish.

As we get to the 3rd eye and Crown Chakras the dance is slower and more embodied. The movements form a dance meditation, ranging from Tai Chi movements to energy ball movements. The space created from the slow moves allows us to connect with each muscle moving.

Dance is the hidden language of the soul.

Martha Graham