Women’s Circle

Bring a friend or come alone to connect with likeminded people.

Women’s Circle in Frimley (GU16) last Sunday of each month (6pm – 8pm) – cost £15 (address will be sent the day before the event)

This will be a space for women to feel supported & heard by likeminded women, while at the same time exploring ways to shift stagnant energy (that can make us feel emotional and heavy in the body) and ways to nourish the body through self-care techniques.

Laughter is such a release, and for that reason the sessions will include the opportunity to move the body through a freestyle dance. We will incorporate the props we use during a Chakra Dancing session to add a sense of playfulness to the sessions and lift the mood.

If you are in search of your tribe of like-minded women, then look no further. 

BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL. Please reserve a space by using the link above. Any issues feel free to text Adele on 07500 904 352

What you can expect from a session…

  • Ways to release built up stagnant energy with the use of rattles and movement
  • Oracle cards
  • Grounding meditation
  • Be heard sharing circle
  • Free flow movements / dance
  • Self-love techniques to nourish the soul (including affirmations, self-massage & much more)
  • Healing circle
  • Guided meditation
  • Surrender to a deeper level of relaxation as you absorb the vibration of the drum & other healing instruments


Thank you for tonight. It was so amazing. I loved the safe healing space you created where each of us could talk from our hearts. Your laughter during the dancing was so infectious making my soul feel much lighter and happier and brought me joy in the now. The mediation was so relaxing, your voice is very soothing and for me to see light language is further confirmation that I was in such a secure and loving place. Thank you so much. Your class was truly a beautiful experience and well thought out on your part.


I liked the meditation and sound part best, as I am usually the one giving to others and rarely get to receive .. the dancing/movement part definitely took me out of my comfort zone (which is not a bad thing) I’ve never done that before.